Piotr Krzymowski was born in 1989 in Poland. He currently lives and works in London.

Polish artist Piotr Krzymowski works across the mediums of moving-image, paper collage and object-based installations, to explore the possibilities of manipulating and re-contextualising found images, drawing heavily on cinema, and the French New Wave.

In his moving image work, Krzymowski often starts with seemingly unremarkable self-shot or found-footage and manipulates it with slow-motion and repetition to excavate the footage, discovering its potential narratives as well as the desires it is (un)able to satisfy.

Inspired by the covers of vintage lifestyle magazines from the 1950s and 1960s, especially by the iconic, short-lived, Polish magazine Ty i Ja (You and Me), Krzymowski suggests new narratives.  By collaging fragments, interfering with paint, or tearing the surface, the artist attempts to bring the past cinema and style icons, and ideas, to the present in the spirit of Godard’s deconstructed imagery. This fragmented approach to excavating memory and reference to history attempts to understand the present; by piecing together a reality based on forgotten and discarded aspirations, the artist invites the viewers to form their own accounts of the work.


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73 (2012)


’cause you are my girl (2014)


The shape of things to come (2012)

Piotr Krzymowski