Anita Witek in Life at Kunst Haus, Vienna


We are delighted to announce About Life: an exhibition of works by Anita Witek at Kunst Haus, Vienna – the first Austrian female artist to exhibit there in its 25-year history.


The exhibition features a new installation that utilises archival billboard material used to advertise exhibitions of Man Ray and Robert Mapplethorpe at Kunst Haus. Alongside her new photographic series, Es ist so wie es scheint, it also includes her extended series, Ordinary Subjects Larger Than Life (2011) and her slide installation, Retour en forme (2008).


Witek utilises existing photographic material – photographs taken for ordinary purposes and everyday images, such as from magazines, newspapers and advertising billboards. By dissecting, detaching and cutting into these materials Witek not only interferes with the tension of their surfaces, but also questions and destabilises their initial content.


Further information can be found here. For more installation images please visit the l’étrangère website


Photo: Eva Kelety