Piotr Krzymowski & Cédric Teisseire
hot, hot, hot

17 March - 20 May 2017

l’étrangère is pleased to present hot, hot, hot, an exhibition of recent works by two artists, Piotr Krzymowski and Cédric Teisseire, who explore the transformative quality of heat as part of their creative processes. Working independently and using different media, their works connect not only through the processes they employ but also through the uncanny, abstract and bodily connotations. In their practices, both artists embrace controlled chance, found objects, art historical references, and the transformation of materials. Car lights are made fleshy, undulating and opaque. Celluloid film discards its captured scenes to reveal the forms, patterns and potential inherent within its physicality. Paint sags and creases in its assertion of its own corporeality and susceptibility to its environment.



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