Born in Switzerland. Jokhova has lived in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, Austria and Estonia. At present, Jokhova lives and works between London and Tallinn. 

Evy Jokhova is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in the dialogue between social anthropology, architecture, philosophy and art. Working with sculpture, installation, drawing, film, performance and painting on a project-by-project basis, she investigates the invention of tradition, the creation of social systems and how social behaviour can be altered through architectural construction, with reference to the post-Cartesian ontological question of being in space (M. Heidegger, J-L. Nancy, Ian James, M. Foucault) and the relationship between building, body and mind (Bertrand Russell, Bill Hillier, Vitruvius). Her projects are often supported by travel, research, anthropological fieldwork and interviews.


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Evy Jokhova