Fetish of the Image
Second Skin

Exceeding norms and acting beyond visibility almost always foretells significant shifts or even revolutions. Agata Wieczorek was influenced by artists such as Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin – though her practice is not limited to photography, while the way she uses this medium is probably more conceptual, post-modern and more concerned with anthropological, economic perspectives. Yet, her intention is the same: to bring what is concealed, towards visibility.
Wieczorek’s is interested in unexposed production and consumption of objectified bodies and her practice combines film and photography while moving between constructed documentary and documented fiction.
She frequently operates with concealment and visibility, by entering and working with hermetic industries and socially marginalized groups in order to explore unexposed production and consumption of cultural “fetishes” — artefacts that represent the tabooed desires and utopian endeavours, with reference to body and identity.
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Agata Wieczorek