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David Ben White

l’étrangère project space launches with an exhibition of painting and sculpture by the British artist, David Ben White.

Absorbed within the language and aspirations of modernist architecture, design and art, the work of David Ben White seeks to undermine its self-enclosed logic. Working within institutional/corporate public spaces that reflect the ongoing allure of modernist mythology, like an interior designer he creates environments that offer a counter-narrative, offering a new set of possibilities to their surroundings.

Through the depiction and stylisation of domestic environments White introduces rogue ingredients within the modernist DNA structure. This accent on the domestic interior space, with its familiar tropes, allows for a more personal space to emerge in contrast with the modernist logic in which we have become familiar. Recalling conversations with his late grandmother, Elizabeth Benjamin, a committed modernist architect whose belief in the unifying force of modernist design was absolute, White’s work sets out to challenge some of her assumptions.

The exhibition will run for the month of June.

l’étrangère Project Space:
6 Rue de la Pourtoune
06570 St Paul de Vence