limited editions

Małgorzata Markiewicz, 'Fragile' #3, 2018 printed cotton/polyester, Tea towels, edition of 50, signed and numbered, with unique interventions

The editions of tea towels, Fragile, were produced based on Markiewicz’ performance I am very glad that you could make it in December 2016 at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, UK. The performance consisted of a sort of acrobatic routine in the gallery space with domestic objects adapted to create circus apparatus. Through her performance, Markiewicz suggests that women today are expected to balance many roles such as that of mother, wife, cook and professional, much like an acrobat performing tricks in a circus - all the time facing societal judgment and pressure. Each tea towel has unique interventions. Part of the proceeds of the sales of the tea towels will go to Women’s Aid, a charity helping women who have suffered domestic abuse.