Rotor, 2009

The Vistula in Warsaw (as part of the project Disappear by the Vistula)

Rotor was one of the works making up the project Disappear by the Vistula, realized as part of the Transformations Art Festival by the Vistula in Warsaw. The project was to be one of the ‘experiments with the processes of disappearing, camouflage, invisibility’ suggested by the project’s curators in the name of ‘retaining a delicate balance between culture and nature, art and the environment, artists and society.’ Rajkowska realized a water sculpture in the vicinity of the most Śląsko-Dąbrowski (bridge), in one of the coves on the Vistula’s right bank. It was a whirling depression in the otherwise calm surface of the water. The artificially created disturbance was an echo of natural river whirlpools, a very delicate, almost imperceptible, yet attention-attracting intervention. The artist herself wrote, ‘Thinking about this project, I saw huge masses of water whirling quietly around a set centre’.
Curator: Kuba Szreder
Realisation: Rafał Żurek, Aga Szreder