Le Jardin hospitalier

Le Jardin hospitalier
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Le Jardin hospitalier, 2015

Le Jardin hospitalier (2015)
Light installation


12 light boxes, Duratrans mounted on Perspex; LED light panels with fluorescent Plexiglas; Douglas Fir panels; powder-coated steel panels; hand-painted wall texts.
Each light box and abstract element 2.5 x 1.7m


A major, permanent light installation that transforms a 100-metre-long windowless corridor in Hôpital Roger Salengro in Lille, France, part of CHRU, Northern Europe’s largest hospital. Le Jardin hospitalier brings light and a sense of place into the clinical environment suggesting a correlation between caring for plants and people, as well as referencing the technologies and architecture that supports each. The work was inspired by Lille’s important history of botanical medicine.


Commissioned by Les Nouveaux commanditaires. Funded by Fondation de France and Fondation Carasso.

Curated by Amanda Crabtree and produced by artconnexion, Lille.
Fabricated by Darbyshire, UK.