Green/Light (For M. R.)

Green/Light (For M. R.)
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Green/Light (For M.R.), 2014

Light sculpture


Timber poles, wire-work grid, aluminium poles with LED inset, plexiglass, mirrored acryclic, coir string, aggregate, steel anchorage.
22m x 22m


Green/Light (For M.R.) was commissioned by The Folkestone Triennial 2014 and is constructed on the site of the Old Gas Works in Folkestone. This is Jyll Bradley’s first ‘built’ project. Bradley was born in Folkestone the same year the gasworks was closed. Here, a century earlier, electricity was first generated for the town’s lighting. The sculpture’s aluminium poles, designed to catch and reflect the energy of light, occupy precisely the footprint of one of the gasometers, a memory of its cylinder. The outer square – which structurally supports the whole – is set out as a hop garden, the poles and twine drawing on Kent’s historic agriculture and the artist’s childhood memories. This highly personal sculpture reflects the artist’s history in Folkestone and London – and creates a space for others to consider the dualities in their own pasts and futures.


Project built in partnership with Structural Engineer Ben Godber.

Commissioned by The Folkestone Triennial 2014. Curated by Lewis Biggs.