Photo: © Nick Turpin

Tatiana Wolska, Untitled, Sculpture in the City – 10th edition, launch 15 June 2021

l’étrangère is delighted to announce Tatiana Wolska‘s partecipation to the 10th edition of Sculpture in the City, launching 15 June 2021.


Tatiana Wolska’s sculptures are created using dozen of recycled plastic bottles. By cutting, perforating and thermo-welding them, she achieves sprawling, modular biomorphic forms. The transparency of the bright red plastic adds visual effects of light and shadow.  First shown at Palais de Tokyo in 2015 as a monumental installation, voluminous but light weight sculpture floats in ways defying the laws of gravity. They can evoke floating islands of plastic waste or hold a strong poetic charge, appearing to be mysteriously suspended from the buildings or trees as if infecting the environment.


The two modules of the sculpture are currently installed in two locations: Leadenhall Market and 70 Gracechurch Street, The City of London


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