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Marek Szczęsny in La déchirure (The Tear) at Atlas of Arts, Łódź

l’étrangère is delighted to announce Marek Szczęsny’s participation in La déchirure (The Tear): a group exhibition curated by Professor Andrzej Turowski and featuring works by Marek Szczęsny, Monika Sosnowska and Karolina Wiktor.


Szczęsny has presented small and large-format works using his characteristic materials of paper and wood. Turowski describes Szcęsny’s work as ‘an endless process of changing borders, positioning, attaching and peeling away, peeking beneath the surface, scraping and stripping’. This process of ripping and tearing connects to the wider concept of the exhibition, which takes as its starting point the fact that ‘art does not emerge from the positivity of the world, but rather from its tears’ (Turowski).


Dates: January 15th – February 28th, 2016

Further information about the exhibition can be found here