Markiewicz Hati Hati Hat

Małgorzata Markiewicz contributes work to auction and project promoting Polish-Indonesian cooperation

Małgorzata Markiewicz has contributed a work to HATI HATI HAT, a project realised by the Pamoja Foundation, in cooperation with Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski, conceived as part of the exhibition Social Design for Social Living at the National Gallery in Jakarta. A number of invited artists were each given South-East Asian pith helmets to work upon, to transform this trace of colonialism into a piece of critical re-design.

Markiewicz transformed her pith helmet with a black knitted covering to reflect the image of the hat referred to at the start of Antoin de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, with a quote from the text embroidered on it in gold: ‘I showed my masterpiece to grown-ups and asked them whether the drawing frightened them.

The exhibition is just the starting point for subsequent activities looking at post-colonial social and economic inequality. All the hats are being auctioned on the project’s website, with all funds raised going towards creating a space of Polish-Indonesian cooperation in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). The site will be in the form of a gallery, a café, or an intellectual parlour, directed at researching and naming other modes of reflection on art, economy and the political.

The online auction ends on 29 July, 2016. To bid on the work, or and to read more about the project please see the project website, here.