Małgorzata Markiewicz & Camilla Alberti
Strangers’ Stories

13 January - 17 February, 2023

Akademie Graz, Austria, 13 Jan – 17 Feb, 2023 curated by Andreas Heller.


The exhibition Strangers’ Stories by two artists, Camilla Alberti (IT) and Małgorzata Markiewicz (PL), both of whom were guests in the St.A.i.R. programme, opens a critical-mystical dialogue between things and beings.


Małgorzata Markiewicz uses handicraft techniques to question myth and power from an eco-feminist perspective. In her textile sculptures, installations and performances, she creates counter-scenarios about the power of others. In her work, String Figures, she stages the fusion of two beings into a spider-like super existence.


Camilla Alberti develops phantasmagorical spaces and sculptures to investigate the interconnectedness of the living. As a contemporary archaeologist of the urban, she collects industrial waste and organic remains and reassembles them into monstrous forms. She includes these technical-natural hybrid worlds in her machine-embroidered fabrics.


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