Katie Cuddon: Set Abreast at FASS Art Gallery, Sabancı University, Istanbul, 1-12 October

l’étrangère is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Katie Cuddon at Sabancı University, Istanbul. The title of Cuddon’s installation, Set Abreast, is indicative of a new direction within the artist’s practice, known for her collages, drawings and idiosyncratic ceramic sculptures. In what began as an attempt to reconcile these two elements, which cross the boundaries between two and three- dimensionality, Cuddon has shifted away from the sculptural presence of her ceramic forms to the resonant, fragmented off-cuts that remain post-production. These ostensible waste products are given new life as a collection of flexible materials, which are the foundations of the installation at FASS Art Gallery.


A series of A3 photocopies are grouped together within the space: printed reproductions of assembled collections of ceramic fragments and small, nearly identical pieces that Cuddon has squeezed into the frame of the photocopier before replicating them in two-dimensional form. Rather than creating a wallpapered environment, the ephemeral quality of Cuddon’s display is interrupted by fragments of what appear to be broken letters; a string of awkward ruptures within this repeated patterning.


Set Abreast continues Cuddon’s interest in linguistic structures, forms and broken meanings. Whereas her sculptures demonstrate an attempt to capture and contain a particular sensation through the mark-making and surface tension that is embedded within the use of clay, the reproduced nature of these printed images creates an imprint; a proposition for an alternative action.


Just as language is a force that shapes and constricts qualitative sensations, Cuddon disrupts this prescribed stability by displaying the matter that gets left behind. By unlocking a potentially infinite field of reproduction, Cuddon simultaneously imbues these remnants with a permanence and ephemerality that is comparable to the arbitrary rhythms through which words, statements and meanings are formed.


Set Abreast is organised by FASS Art Gallery, Sabancı University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Orhanlı – Tuzla, 34956, İstanbul


1-12 October, 2015
Open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


A free publication will be available at the exhibition featuring a conversation between Katie Cuddon and Programme Curator at l’étrangère, Joseph Constable.


l’étrangère will be presenting works by Katie Cuddon at the 2015 editions of Manchester Contemporary (24-27 September) and Contemporary Istanbul (12-15 November).