Karen Sculpturte in the city


Karen Tang, Synapsid, 2014, Epoxy, fibreglass, paint, Styrofoam, timber, steel, 400 x 370 x 370 cm. Installation view, Fenchurch Street Station, City of London

© Nick Turpin for Sculpture in the City

Karen Tang, Synapsid (2014) at Sculpture in the City, London, UK

We are proud to announce the inclusion of Karen Tang‘s sculpture, Synapsid, in this year’s Sculpture in the City, the City of London’s annual public art programme set amongst iconic architectural landmarks in the Square Mile.


Synapsid (2014) is a large, vividly coloured sculpture which seems to morph between abstract, alien and animal forms. With its radioactive hues and blobby segments, Synapsid evokes sci-fi invasion scenarios where monsters rampage through the built environment. The sculpture takes its title from the scientific name for proto-mammals which evolved to have skulls distinct from those of reptiles; the structure of Synapsid hints at a cranial enclosure and eye-sockets. Viewers are drawn into Synapsid‘s apertures and interior spaces, which are designed to be immersive, interactive and playful.


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