Karen Tang Summer Exhibition, group show, The Royal Society of Sculptors, London, 13 July – 18 September 2020

Karen Tang is an exhibiting artist in The Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition, guest curated by Robert and Nicky Wilson, the founders of Jupiter Artland.


For her sculpture, Max Growth Bling, Tang used sustainable materials, including old shoes, jewellery and various objects collected from her studio. The trainer, a Nike Air Max 90, is reminiscent of the rave years in London when the artist was a teenager. A formative period when she developed ideas around urban wildness and excess, control vs chaos, digital slickness combined with organic growth and mutation. Which are represented in the combination of fibreglass, plywood and steel armature, materials associated with the building trade, and jewellery and imitation plants, which are purely ornamental.


Tang’s sculpture will be on view until the 18 September 2020.


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