Joanna Rajkowksa, 'Nipple', 2016
Joanna Rajkowksa, ‘Nipple’, 2016

Joanna Rajkowska in Out of sight, out of mind, Henryk, Kraków

Rajkowksa’s work, Nipple, is part of Out of sight, out of mind at Henryk Gallery Kraków. Curated by Aleksander Celusta, the show explores contemporary (over)production of art objects, the status of the artwork and an alternative circulation of artworks i.e. art world factory waste. As the title suggests, by exhibiting discarded and ‘defective’ artworks, the exhibition opens up the realm of the art world to which access is denied, at once absent and transparent, but also intentionally concealed from the external gaze.


The exhibition runs 09 July – 23 July 2016


Further details available here.