Joanna Rajkowska, My Father Never Touched Me Like That, 2014, film, 11′


Joanna Rajkowska, Human, 7 Questions, Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul (Park Yuna/The Korea Herald) 8 October 2021 ~ 1 January 2022

Joanna Rajkowska is taking part in a group exhibition Human, 7 questions at Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea until 2nd of January 2022. The exhibition seeks to contemplate the meanings of “being human” within the rapidly changing circumstances of the twenty-first century and the unprecedented global pandemic we are presently confronting. The exhibition poses seven questions about humans through approximately 50 artists and 130 artworks.


Joanna Rajkowska’s film My Father Never Touched Me Like That, presented in the show, explores intimacy or lack thereof within the relationship between the artist and her own father.


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To watch the exhibition tour video please go here. (Rajkowska’s work appears from 10:34′ to 10:47′)