Anita Witek, Traces of Time, exhibition at Leopold Museum, Vienna, 20.10.2017 – 26.02.2018

For the exhibition Traces of Time, curated by Stephanie Damianitsch, Anita Witek has prepared a new series of works, titled Artist and Muse. As her base material, Anita used posters that were produced by the Leopold Museum for its permanent exhibition of self-portraits by Egon Schiele, which also included paintings of his model and lover, Wally Neuzil. After cutting out the poster’s main motifs, Witek transformed the remnants into three-dimensional abstract bodily shapes. In photographing them, Witek created new abstract forms, where the images of Egon Schiele and Wally Neuzil can only be partially recognised through the paper’s cut edges. The series of photographs are accompanied by an immersive wall installation — blurring the real with imagined spaces.


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