Marie Jeschke, Anja Langer, István Szabó
Contact Zone

15 September - 11 November 2017

Contact Zone, air blob-no bones brings together a series of glass works by collaborators Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer, and a series by István Szabó, Hybrids.


The fusion of sculpture and painting in the works by Jeschke and Langer explore the interaction between the artists’ respective disciplines. The works on glass plates are enriched on both sides by paint, objects and gestural marks. Their fragility stands in stark contrast to the razor sharp angles and irregularities of their form — accentuated by their improvised frameworks. The collaboration explores of the porosity of artistic practices — their ability to unite and interact, to interfere and disrupt the singularity of visual recognition.


István Szabó’s ceramic works, Hybris, are made of industrial brick, metal, nails, screws, gravel, stone and wood — combining the forms, textures and colours of an urban landscape. Through processes of firing and glazing using London clay, Szabó fuses together materials found on the streets of London and in scrap yards, creating hybrid forms, sculpted by the interaction of their composite materials.


By thinking and working through materials, these artistic practices reveal something about the relationship between matter and gesture. Their works are intuitive, process-based, and materially sensitive — highlighting the impure, messy, unstable and complex nature of collaborative forms. While Contact Zone investigates the transformation of physical matter through processes of fusion and coalescence, the exhibition also invites the viewer to contemplate the complexities of human relationships, as well as the friction between urban environments and nature.


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Anja Langer


István Szabó