David Raffini and Tatiana Wolska
The Poetry of Detritus

26 May - 2 September 2017

There are several ways to write poetry…my biggest ambition, or that of art, or of man, is to create, to be near poetry, to make sure that at some point all things belong to poetry.(David Raffini)


Starting from simple rejects, precarious and miserable, Wolska invites us to dream of a universe full of humanity and poetry.  (source unknown)


l’étrangère is pleased to present the first exhibition in the UK of works by David Raffini and Tatiana Wolska. Their practices revolve around repurposing, reforming and reconstituting materials, using discarded objects or detritus from the studio. The Poetry of Detritus, will feature an installation of Wolska’s recent sculptures and a selection of her works on paper, together with Raffini’s paintings.



Press Release (PDF)


David Raffini


Tatiana Wolska

Selected Press:

The Art Newspaper, June 2017