Bożenna Biskupska
Epiphany of Time

1 February - 16 March 2019

l’étrangère is proud to present Epiphany of Time, the first exhibition in the UK of work by the Polish artist, Bożenna Biskupska. The exhibition showcases Biskupska’s ongoing series of paintings entitled Cages, many of which are shown here for the first time.


Each painting in the Cages series is created using thick layers of oil paint, confined within a rectangular border; some are ‘slashed’ through by thick diagonal lines or interrupted by additional rectangles within. The works are left to ‘ripen’ for a long period of time, often for a number of years until the artist decides to release them when they ‘mature’ enough. The materiality of paint, transformed by time, reveals colour and develops texture which adds a sculptural dimension to the work.  The process where time plays a central role in transforming the materials is key to Biskupska’s practice. 


Born in Warsaw in 1952, Bożenna Biskupska studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (1970-1972), and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1972 -1976) where she graduated with a distinction. Her practice encompasses sculpture, painting, experimental theatre, performance, sound and video. 


The exhibition has been curated by Małgosia Sady. 


This exhibition has been generously supported by the Polish Cultural Institute. 









Bożenna Biskupska


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Exhibition text by Tom Jeffreys




Selected Press:

Wall Street International, 2019


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