Born in Poland, 1980.
Lives and works in Berlin and Warsaw.


Katharina Marszewski is an author of graphic art, objects, collages, installations and photographs. To reproduce images, she employs varied and often classical techniques, including screen printing, lithography, monotype and photocopying.


Marszewski’s productions stem from her private experiences, social situations, group activities and also the treatment of language in terms of tangible categories (the ‘redacting’ and ‘editing’ of processed images). One instance is the work Pavement and Glasses, together with its accompanying graphic work Drinking Ink – a record of a fictitious event taking place in Warsaw during the 1990s; at the time, the city was undergoing turbulent transformations both in its cityscape and its social mores.


The protagonist is an anonymous woman, a savvy big- city type, full of charm and effervescence but also prone to self-destructive behaviour. The roughness of the pavement and the fragility of the glasses combine to create the sexual frisson of the installation – a toast raised to the ruins of the city. Marszewski, suspended between Berlin and Warsaw, defines herself as a ‘correspondent of events-that-never-were’, recounting dreams, images and afterimages of the contemporary metropolis. In the artist’s works, the city is presented as an exhibition or a theatre stage, full of props that enter into semantic and aesthetic relations with each other.


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Katharina Marszewski