Anna Perach is an Israeli artist, living and working between Tel-Aviv and London. 

In 2008, Anna received her Bachelor of Fine Art from one of the leading art education establishments in Israel, Bezalel, academy of art and design,Jerusalem. While practicing art Anna developed an interest in the field of education and creative work with people with mental health difficulties. This led to Diploma in counselling and Art therapy. Following a relocation to the UK in 2014, Anna continued her artistic development taking part in a Master in Fine Art program at Goldsmith’s, university of London.

Anna has exhibited in various spaces in Israel, the UK and Europe. In 2019 Anna took part in several group shows, including Apparatus at Packham 24 photo fair London and Textus ex Machina in aqb project space in Budapest. At the same year she was also one of the finalists of the The mother Art Prize, Mostyn open 21 and Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize as well as shortlisted for New contemporaries 2019.

Anna Perach’s practice juxtaposes personal and cultural myths, their dynamics and correlations. Her work originates from the synthesys of female mythic characters and the transposition of their stories in (?)the current climate infuses it with eeriness, evoking a sense of both familiarity and distress.

Anna’s primary medium is wearable sculpture and performance. She works in a technique called tufting, making hand-made carpet textile which she transforms into wearable sculptures. The sculpture functions as both a garment that is performed in as well as an independent sculpture. This medium of choice allows the artist to explore how elements associated with the domestic sphere operate as an extension of the self and reflect on one’s heritage and gender role. Her performances reverse this dynamic and exhibit the private domestic carpet as an external masquerade, both exposing and hiding fragments of the self.


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Anna Perach