Anna Perach was born in 1985 in Ukraine. She was brought up in the Israeal and currently lives and works in London. In 2020 she completed her MFA (distinction) at Goldsmith University, London. practice is informed by the dynamic between personal and cultural myths. She explores how our private narratives are deeply rooted in ancient storytelling and folklore and conversely how folklore has the ability to tell us intimate, confidential stories about ourselves. In her work She synthesises female mythic characters and retell their stories while placing them in the current climate. By doing so Anna creates an experience of eeriness, evoking a sense of both familiarity and distress. Anna’s main medium of work is wearable sculpture and performance. She works in a technique called tufting, making hand-made carpet textile which she transforms into wearable sculptures. The sculpture functions as both a garment that is performed in as well as an independent sculpture. Through this choice of medium Anna is interested in exploring how elements associated with the domestic sphere operate as an extension of the self and reflect on one’s heritage and gender role. Her performances reverse this dynamic and exhibit the private domestic carpet as an external masquerade both exposing and hiding fragments of the self.


Perach took part in many exhibitions in the UK and Europe including Jüdische Gemeinde, Frankfurt, Germany; In Stitches, Larsen Warner, Stockholm, Sweden; Storia Notturna, Centrale Feis, Italy; Plus One, Limbo, Marate Festival, UK, Textus Ex Machina, aqb Project Space, Budapest, Hungary, The
Mother Art Prize 2019, Mimosa House, London. Amongst the awards are Asylum Arts, Sarabande Foundation Studio Award, International Jewish artist retreat, Garrison, NY, US, Sharett Foundation Scholarship for Plastic Art. Her works are in many prestigious private collections.


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Anna Perach