Güler Ates was born in Mus, Turkey. Lives and works in London, UK.


Güler Ates is a Turkish artist based in London who works with video, photography, printmaking, and performance. In her work, she explores the experience of identity, diaspora and cultural displacement. In her photographic series, the concept of the veil plays a pivotal role: she places fully veiled female figures in different contexts such as a 16th-century English university library, Victorian interiors, or the City Palace Museum in Udaipur in India. These continually changing contexts represent and examine the definition of the exotic that merges Eastern and Western sensualities. The veil is a garment as much as a concept, a metaphor, a mystery even, expressing what is invisible, silent or holy. It forms part of a poetic language revealing and concealing the body. In the process of photographing, Ates uses natural light only. 

By working with Islamic motifs and patterns overlaid on the fabric of veiled women, Ates draws upon her own Eastern heritage. Ates chooses architectural places and by displacements, she creates the hybrid aesthetic of Middle Eastern Orientalism and Victorian propriety.



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We cannot display this gallery”]We cannot display this gallery”]We cannot display this gallery”]We cannot display this gallery”]Güler Ates, ‘Migrations: masterworks from the Ben Uri Collection’, Museum of Gloucester, UK


Güler Ates, ‘Shoreless’, MAO Museo di Arte Orientale, 4 October 2019 – 6 January 2020

Güler Ates