Photo London 2021

At Photo London 2021 we are presenting three women artists: Güler Ates, Anna Kutera, and Anita Witek, each telling a story of women.


Güler Ates has been making photographic series in which a recurring figure appears: a woman, completely veiled in fluid, colourful fabrics walks within various prestigious institutional settings. Embedded with a certain level of didacticism – these are all spaces where knowledge is produced, and the lines of experience are drawn and disseminated to those who enter them – each of Ates’ working contexts becomes a place where their ostensible stability can be questioned. Through a highly performative and improvisational approach, her works elicit a certain unraveling of historical stability, as Ates re-configures these spaces through her own idiosyncratic lens. The veil embodies its full multiplicity of historical and cultural meanings and uses concealing identity as much as revealing it.


Anna Kutera, in her series Post Mass Media addresses our obsession with and fetishisation of youth, beauty and perfection of the body fueled by mass media. The artist re-photographs destroyed images of beautiful women found in popular magazines. This gesture frustrates messages that bewitch, confuse, seduce and form our perception, and exposes the banality of mediated information that creeps into the public consciousness.


Anita Witek, in Artist and Muse, uses as her source material, posters promoting Egon Schiele’s paintings. As is her practice, Witek cut the figures forming the main motifs out from the posters and layered the fragments of the abstract backgrounds, consisting solely of painterly structures, over each other to form new constellations in which the figures in the paintings can be recongnised only through the cut edges.


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