Approche 2021

Wed, 26 – Sun, 30 May 2021, Opening 25 May


We are glad to announce Filip Berendt exhibition at Approche Paris 2021.


Monomyth is a series of dynamic works depicting Filip Berendt’s personal experiences of his mystic journey to South America, where he took part in shamanistic sceanses under the influence of hallucinogenic substances. The final images are collages of black and white photography with abstract painting.


In mythology, the monomyth (also known as’the hero’s journey’) is a common narrative pattern depicting a hero who embarks on a quest for personal discovery. After multiple trials and a decisive victory the hero returns home deeply transformed. The term is  taken from American author and anthropologist Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero with a Thousand  Faces. He proves that in all mythology, the journey of the hero adheres to the same structure, meaning  that there is some sort of pre-universal narrative pattern that dictates how humans created mythical  structures.


The collaged photographs depict three-dimensional assemblages created by Berendt in his studio, that are inspired by his memories from those experiences. The artist then destroys the assemblages after documenting them on the photographic film. 

The resulting images combine the artist’s background in sculpture, graphics, painting and photography and remain the only trace of the process. They illustrate the  fragmentary, fictional nature of memories in memoirs, and self-told stories of personal growth and  adventure.


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