Art Brussels 2020 Viewing Room

Yelena Popova


We are pleased to present a selection of Yelena Popova latest works at

Art Brussels Gallery Viewer.


During the third week of Art Brussels Gallery Viewer we are pleased to present Yelena Popova’s tapestries Keepsafe and a selection of her paintings from her latest series Sun Paths.


Yelena Popova produced Keepsafe (I and II) tapestries, for her solo exhibition at Holden Gallery, Manchester in 2019. The exhibition was a culmination of Popova’s enquiry into the nuclear waste in Britain. While visiting decommissioned nuclear sites around the UK she discovered several Magnox-reactors of the first generation the core of which will remain toxic for the next few generations and will have to remain on the British coastline until at least the end of the century, thus becoming themselves a pile of contaminated waste. Keepsafe (I and II) are meant as artistic propositions for mausoleums for the decommissioned reactors. They show, in a very abstract way, the graphite core of the reactor and the propositional mausoleum built above it, surrounded by the seascape where most of the reactors in the UK are located.


With their transparent, softened geometric forms, Yelena Popova’s paintings recall the graphics and aesthetics of both Russian Constructivism and Minimalism, and open up conversations about the materiality of painting today. The elliptical curves and repeated, rhythmic shapes on her linen canvases articulate the kind of balance, external and internal, expressed through fixed rotation. Popova’s series of latest paintings, Sun Paths, reference the passage of light and electric current while reflecting on the equilibrium of forms and colours.


Popova’s solo exhibition, The Scholar Stone Project at the Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, UK, was closed on 27 March 2020.