Born in Zawiercie, Poland, 1977.

Lives and works in Brussels.


Describing herself a ‘junk collector’, Wolska uses discarded plastic bottles, salvaged timber, rusty nails and foam from old mattresses and ‘gives them new breath’. She transforms these humble, discarded materials into seductive poetic, biomorphic sculptures. Works such as these won Wolska a prestigious Salon de Montrouge prize in 2014, which led to the presentation of her works at Palais de Tokyo in 2015. Wolska recycles waste, not because she is an environmentalist, but out of habit. She was brought up in communistic Poland where recycling was a necessity to cope with the lack of goods. The artist ranks and orders  the poor, damaged, rejected ‘pollutants’ and composes new, strangely beautiful, sensuous objects. Plastic bottles of Perrier or Badoit are cut and then heat-sealed before they are metamorphosed into aero-light forms. Her undulating wooden structures are shaped into sensuous, diaphanous forms, or like parasites weave their ‘bodies’ through gallery walls.


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Tatiana Wolska