Born in Austria 1970.
Lives and works in Vienna.

Anita Witek’s practice centres around the fundamental tension between reality and representation, physical object and its depiction, original and reproduction and the image context. Photomontage is central to Witek’s practice; her extensive archive of printed matter, consisting of contemporary and historical magazines, books and posters, provide the material for her working process. By dissecting, detaching and cutting these materials Witek removes the central motifs, deconstructing and destabilising the content. The cut-out remnants of the images are then loosely layered to form new abstract configurations that the artist subsequently ‘fixes’ with a photographic lens.

Recently Witek has started to produce large site-specific installations, allowing the viewer to experience her photographs in three-dimensional form. By transposing her photomontages into three-dimensional space, using billboard paper, Witek generates new, physically tangible, spatial pictures that can literally be entered by the viewer.

The result is simulated spaces, installations and images of space that restage the interaction between human beings and objects in the field of photography. One might say that this gives rise to what Philosopher Jean Baudrillard termed simulacra, images between reality and fiction.



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Anita Witek